Marriage education vs. relationship education: What is the difference?

Marriage education and relationship education workshops are often confused with counseling. However neither one of them are counseling. The main purpose and drive behind both marriage education and relationship education is developing safe and healthy relationships all around.

Marriage education is focused on strengthening relationship skills necessary to have a successful marriage. The main focus of marriage education is to help the couple identify strengths to build on with skills that support a safer, healthier marriage.

Some of the skills taught are:

  • successful communication
  • conflict management
  • managing/developing support systems
  • commitment
  • managing expectations
  • setting and working toward goals together
  • knowing each other and modeling a healthy relationship that is safe for the couple and their family.

The focus behind relationship education is very similar to marriage education however relationship education focuses on a few different tools and skills to help secure a safe and happy relationship:

  • effective listening
  • how to identify relationship behaviors
  • seeking a good match
  • staying safe
  • how to speak for yourself
  • knowing when to take a time out and problem solving.

These skills are also valuable in work and family relationships as well.

How does it all work?  Marriage education & relationship education classes are typically delivered in a series of workshops, led by a trained facilitator. Participants for marriage education are married couples. For relationship education the participants may be in a dating relationship, single, or even considering marriage.  Both workshops include individual work, group activities, and small or large group discussions.

These classes are something you won’t want to miss. Everyone comes into a relationship with one expectation and over time that expectation changes.  Don’t wait! Learn today how to make the best out of your marriage and relationships!  We urge you to check out to find a workshop near you.  The SW KS Regional Coordinator is Rhonda Goodloe and she may be reached at 620-227-0010 or by e-mailing here.

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