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As our history shows, Catholic Charities has initiated numerous services to fulfill the needs in our local communities. While many of these services have grown to achieve some level of autonomy, we continue to maintain our partnership with these entities.

Two of the services initiated by Catholic Charities now operate with community direction while remaining under the Catholic Charities corporate umbrella and supervision. These cooperating agencies include Sommerset Place and the Family Crisis Center in Great Bend.

  • Sommerset Place provides low-and-middle-income housing in the Great Bend Community.
  • The Family Crisis Center provides shelter and counseling for those caught in the web of domestic violence. Services are provided in Barton, Barber, Comanche, Edwards, Kiowa, Ness, Pawnee, Pratt, Rush, and Stafford Counties.

The Catholic Charities initiatives listed below have become fully autonomous community efforts:

  • The Great Bend Children’s Learning Center provides quality, professional child care for children--infants to 12 years of age. The center provides a year round education component; breakfast, lunch and snack; transportation to and from school and activities; as well as before school, after school and full day summer school programs.
  • Barton County Youth Care is an agency that maintains a residential facility known as Forest Place. This residence has the capacity for 10 girls who are placed by various Kansas agencies. The goal of the program is to return the girls to their natural homes, or in long term foster care.
  • Emmaus House serves as a food pantry, soup kitchen, emergency shelter and homeless shelter in Garden City. The house can hold 32 overnight guests at a time. It offers a single men's dorm, family rooms, a women's dorm, showers and hot meals.
  • Ourselves and Our Families Coalition for the Prevention of Child Abuse presents child abuse and neglect prevention classes to children in Head Start/preschool through sixth grade. The classes are intended to teach children how to recognize, resist, and report abuse, how to be safe around strangers, and how to build self-esteem.
  • Concerned Citizens for the Aging, Inc. (CAA) was a non-profit organization chartered in Finney County in 1972 for the purpose of studying and developing on-going programs to help older persons live as productive community members, and to attract members who were interested in providing leadership. Today, the Senior Center of Finney County offers many services, activities, and programs for senior citizens.

Other Catholic Charities initiatives throughout Southwest Kansas have included GED programs, Senior Citizen programs and centers, Meals on Wheels, Living Memorial Funds, nutrition and homemakers programs, and respite care programs. We invite you to take a few minutes to watch the story about the impact of these initiatives in southwest Kansas.

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