Resources for Utility Assistance


Utilities such as heating, air conditioning, water and phone access are important because they improve the safety and comfort for individuals and families. Utilities give people the stability and resources they need to handle other responsibilities of life. If you or someone you know is having difficulty with securing or maintaining utility access, the resources listed below may help.

Energy Bills

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) in the US Department of Health and Human Services offers a Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to help eligible households pay a portion of their home energy costs. The purpose of LIHEAP is to help people to be safe and healthy. For example, people who are elderly, disabled, or less than six years old, are at risk for life-threatening illnesses or death if their home is too cold in the winter, or too hot in the summer. Other individuals who are not able to pay home energy bills sometimes resort to unsafe methods to keep their home warm or cool. Click here for a LIHEAP brochure. For a Spanish LIHEAP brochure, click here.

In Kansas, the LIHEAP program is administered by Kansas Social and Rehabilitation Services. Applicants must be living at the address where they need the energy assistance, be personally responsible for purchasing heating costs incurred at the current residence, demonstrate a recent history of payments toward purchase of the primary heating energy, and have a combined gross income (before deductions) of all persons living at the address that does not exceed 130% of the federal poverty level. Applications for the 2011 year, and qualification criteria will be available here at the SRS Website in January 2011. For more information, call 1-800-432-0043.

Water Bills


Phone Bills

Kansas Lifeline Program - If you receive Food Stamps, General Assistance, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Temporary Assistance to Families, Medicaid, United Tribes Food Distribution Program, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Head Start (only those meetings its income qualifying standard), Free School Lunch Program, or you meet 150% of the federal poverty level, you may be eligible to receive up to $17.77 off your monthly local telephone bill through the Kansas Lifeline Program. Be prepared to provide three consecutive months of statements as documentation of income, or provide a copy of your tax return for the previous year. Call your local telephone company for more information.

Click here for a factsheet about the Lifeline program.

Click here for a flyer about the Lifeline program. It is also available here in Spanish.

Click here for a flyer about the Kansas Lifeline Program.

Link Up America - Provides discounts on connection charges for low-income citizens who do not have telephone service. Call your local telephone company for more information.

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