Volunteers: Sharing the Mission to Help Those in Need

CSS VolunteersWe had the first post-summer gathering with almost a dozen of our volunteers in the Great Bend office today. There was much to discuss!

  • Ongoing training for our volunteers so that they can help those who come to our office looking for help with food, personal and household hygiene items, rent and utility assistance, baby and child wellness, and more.
  • Promoting the upcoming Healthy Relationship class that will be taking place on Tuesdays in October and November (Oct 7, 14, 21, 28, Nov 4, 11) from 10:30 to 12:30 with lunch to follow.
  • Next steps for growing our non-food pantry resources for those in need.
  • Ways to share other resources, like eye glass assistance, etc. so that we can best serve those in need, regardless of their need.
  • Maintaining a safe office for everyone who comes through the door, including guests, volunteers and staff members.
  • Introducing volunteers to our new staff member, and a chance to say farewell to another.
  • Several important birthdays, of course!
  • A little bit of a recap of everyone's summer trips, and future plans.
  • Our gratitude for all that they do for us!

We don't have these meetings too often; We value their time, and we like to save up a bunch of topics to cover all at once, combined with several birthday celebrations so that we have a good dose of fun along with all of the business. Today we had four birthdays, along with some homemade apple crisp and ice cream. Who can pass up a treat like that!

I enjoy these gatherings when almost everyone is together. The lingering conversations and laughter after the meeting is over is music to my ears. Our volunteers bring some wonderful energy and vitality to our office while sharing our mission to help those in need. I appreciate their enthusiasm, their eagerness to learn new things, their humor, and their sincere desire and effort to help their neighbors who walk through our doors looking for some kind of help. This is what Catholic Social Service is all about: We help those in need, regardless of faith, and we invite others to join us.Click here and let us know if you would like to know more!

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