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We have a few extra books here at Catholic Charities that we are making available for you to purchase. These are brand new, thought-provoking books about relevant social justice issues. Here are some ideas: start a monthly book club that focuses on social justice literature. If you are a member of a prayer group that meets regularly, consider one of the following books to focus on for a few months. Or consider one of the books below for your own personal prayer time. If you have any questions, call Rebecca Ford at 620-792-1393.

Grace at the Table Bookcover

Grace at the Table: Ending Hunger in God's World

by David Beckmann & Arthur Simon

Every fifteen minutes a jumbo jet filled with children crashes, leaving no survivors. The jet is actually hunger, but the haunting image is real--33,000 children dead each day. What is even more haunting is that the deaths are unnecessary because the world has long had the technology and experience to end hunger. Its persistence is a challenge to the integrity of everyone who claims the name Christian.

This primer on the causes and cures of hunger is written by Bread for the World's founding president Arthur Simon and current president David Beckmann. Never oversimplifying, the book shows how issues such as population, resources, economics, and human rights are interwoven in their impact on hunger. The book gives compelling biblical motivation for personal action and public policy--and explains practical strategies individuals can take to help effect worldwide change.

Using a question-and-answer format for clear reading, stories and examples for personalization, and graphics and sidebars for eye-appeal, this is an important book for all Christians. It's of special interest to Bread for the World members, social justice workers, parish social-action committees, grassroots activists, historians, political scientists, and anyone concerned with the poor.

Price: $9.99

Rich Christians Book Cover

Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger

by Ronald J Sider

Do you want to make a true difference in the world? Dr. Ron Sider does. He has, since before he first published Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger in 1978. Despite a dramatic reduction in world hunger since then, 34,000 children still die daily of starvation and preventable disease, and 1.3 billion people, worldwide, remain in abject poverty. So, the professor of theology went back to re-examine the issues by twenty-first century standards. Finding that Conservatives blame morally reprehensible individual choices, and Liberals blame constrictive social and economic policy, Dr. Sider finds himself agreeing with both sides. In this new look at an age-old problem, he offers not only a detailed explanation of the causes, but also a comprehensive series of practical solutions, in the hopes that Christians like him will choose to make a difference.

Price: $9.99

Globalization, Spirituality, and Justice Book Cover

Globalization, Spirituality, and Justice

by Daniel G. Groody

An introduction to the core of the biblical worldview, the Christian message on justice and human liberation in its historical context, and the challenge of Catholic social teaching. One reviewer writes: "This is an excellent book that gives a comprehensive review of the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching: biblical roots, patristics, development of the body of specific teachings called Catholic Social Teaching, the sacramental basis for living these principles and liberation theology - what it really is. A necessary read and shelf reference for anyone trying to live with social justice in a global world and develop their spirituality for such. Very readable - no jargon." The author, Daniel G Groody, is a Holy Cross Priest and Assistant Professor of Theology and Director of the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame where he specializes in Hispanic theology, spirituality and conversion.

Price: $9.99

Doing Faith Justice Book Cover

Doing Faithjustice:
An Introduction to Catholic Social Thought

by Rev Fred Kammer SJ

In this longtime bestseller, lawyer, activist and Jesuit priest Fred Kammer ushers Catholics into the twenty-first century as he confronts the challenge of human poverty and injustice in the context of our consumer-driven, economically fragile world. He defines faithjustice as "...a passionate virtue which disposes citizens to become involved in the greater and lesser societies around themselves in order to create communities where human dignity is protected and enhanced, and gifts of creation are shared for the greatest good of all...."

Writing with passion and conviction, he explores the biblical grounding for this virtue and provides an overview of its historical development in the Catholic community. And he brings out its contemporary meaning, rooting each chapter in concrete times and places. He concludes with a framework for living faithjustice in our time.

Price: $9.99

A Promised Land, A Perilous Journey Book Cover

A Promised Land, A Perilous Journey:
Theological Perspectives on Migration

by Daniel G. Groody and Gioacchino Campese

A Christian theological interpretation of the border reality is a neglected area of immigration study. The foremost contribution of A Promised Land, A Perilous Journey is its focus on the theological dimension of migration, beginning with the humanity of the immigrant, a child of God and a bearer of his image.

The nineteen authors in this collection recognize that one characteristic of globalization is the movement not only of goods and ideas but also of people. The crossing of geographical borders confronts Christians, as well as all citizens, with choices: between national security and human insecurity; between sovereign national rights and human rights; between citizenship and discipleship. Bearing these global dimensions in mind, the essays in this book focus on the particular problems of immigration across the U.S.-Mexico border. The contributors to this volume include scholars as well as pastors and lay people involved in immigration aid work. Daniel Groody has also produced a documentary on immigration, “Dying to Live.”
Price: $9.99
St Francis Book Cover

St Francis and the Foolishness of God

By Marie Dennis, Joseph Nangle OFM, Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, and Stuart Taylor

To those who long to do something about inequity and poverty, about consuming consumerism and spiritual emptiness. The mystical and the earthly, liberations and faithfulness, literal poverty as well as the blessed poverty of the spirit.

Price: $9.99

Unexpected News Book Cover

Unexpected News:
Reading the Bible with Third World Eyes

By Robert McAfee Brown

In Unexpected News, Robert McAfee Brown looks at ten biblical texts through a new lens. Brown's analysis is concerned with how our reading of the Bible is dependent on our experiences and worldview. Brown sets out to understand how "third world Christians," that is, Christians who live in poverty and powerlessness, interpret the Bible. Brown argues that by reading the Bible in new ways, we can learn more about other cultures as well as gain a new understanding of the biblical message.

Price: $9.99

International Migration Book Cover

International Migration: A Very Short Introduction

By Khalid Koser

International migration is an issue of intense public and political concern. How closely linked are migrants with terrorist organizations? What factors lie behind the dramatic increase in the number of woman migrating? This Very Short Introduction looks at the global phenomenon of human migration--both legal and illegal-revealing how migration actually presents opportunities that must be taken advantage of in light of the current economic climate. The author debunks myths such as the claim that migrants take jobs away from local workers, or that they take advantage of health care systems. He reveals why society as we now know it could not function without them.

Using interviews with migrants from around the world, the author presents the human side of topics such as asylum and refugees, human trafficking, migrant smuggling, development, and the international labor force. His goal throughout is to allow readers to see beyond the negative spin usually given the subject by the media and politicians, and come to their own conclusions on the current international migration situation. It is a valuable reference for students of economics, politics, geography, or sociology, and for anyone interested in taking a deeper look at media coverage of immigration and its effects.

Price: $5.00

Opting for the Poor Book Cover

Opting for the Poor: A Challenge for North Americans

By Peter J Henriot SJ

From the introduction: "I continue to feel the tension between responding to the immediate needs of the poor and working for the social change necessary to deal with the structures of poverty. I know that I'm not alone in experiencing that tension. This small book on the option for the poor is an attempt to deal better with that tension. I'm convinced that my response as a Christian in North America today has to be on both levels: meeting the poor as persons and dealing with the structures of poverty. Opting for the poor requires the personal and the structural.

Price: $3.00


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