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infantResources for adoptive parents and children, as well as couples, healthcare professionals, and social workers who are interested in adoption as an option.


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The 56 minute documentary Unlocking the Heart of Adoption, by Sheila Ganz, bridges the gap between birth and adoptive families through diverse personal stories of adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents in same race and transracial adoptions interwoven with the filmmaker’s story as a birthmother revealing the enormous complexities in their lives with fascinating historical background. This website provides additional information and a way to purchase the documentary.

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To take the adoption tax credit or exclusion, complete this Form 8839 and attach it to your 1040 or 1040A.

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You may be able to take a tax credit for qualifying expenses paid to adopt an eligible child. Read this IRS resource for more information.

default Adoption: Where Do I Start Popular

This factsheet is a "gateway" to the many possible paths to building your family through adoption. It will help give you an understanding of the basic steps in any adoption process and guide you to resources at each step.

default Transforming the World -- One Adoption at a Time Popular

Mark and Krista Ball have four biological children and four children have entered their family through adoption. They've also motivated four families in their church to adopt nine children from an orphanage in Ethiopia. Read their inspiring story here.


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