New Baby in the House? Look for these Developmental Signs

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Having a new baby in the house can be exciting and also scary. On one hand, they grow and develop fast in these early years, and there are many firsts. On the other hand, babies can't speak for themselves, yet, and it's hard to know what to look for, and how to best support their developmental milestones. Take a look at these tips for babies between 0-3 months of age.

Was That A Smile? Did You Hear Me Laugh? (Age 0-3 months)

  • I am starting to show you my feelings by my smile or a laugh
  • Gently tickle my toes and hands and I will tell you I like that!
  • Gently bounce me on your lap and I will probably laugh.
  • Make funny faces at me. Talk to me in a silly voice. That makes me smile.
  • Do not get upset if I turn away or start to look upset or spit up. That might mean I am getting too excited with all this fun. Let me rest for a little while. I may like the fun but my body needs time to calm down.


  • When you talk to me, look at my face.
  • Let me feel your face, your mouth while you talk to me.
  • When I eat, look at my face. Smile at me. Talk to me.
  • I like to see your face. Make funny faces at me.
  • Sing to me. Make faces while you sing. I like to hear the music and to watch your face.

Talk to me...

  • I can tell when you are talking to me. Watch my face. My arms and legs. I will be able to tell you that I know you are talking to me.
  • Talk softly to me. Move slowly from my left and then to my right.
  • I do like to hear your voice. Talk to me about things that you do. Talk to me about things that I know.
  • Talk to me about what I look like, what you look like.
  • When you talk to me, talk like you do to others. Use your face to show me what you mean. When you are happy, show it on your face.

I like to Hear Your Voice

  • Tell other people to talk to me too. Just because I am little and I do not talk does not mean I do not like to hear voices. I really do.
  • Sing to me. I like to hear you sing.
  • I like to play games with noises and sounds. You make a sound and I will try to make that sound too. I may not be too good yet, but keep trying.
  • If I do not seem to pay attention, gently tap my hand. Watch to see if I look. Than talk to me.
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