General Skills Classes

Check the calendar below for these upcoming classes:

Tenant Regulations: Inform participants what are their responsibilities as a tenant, and what are the landlord's responsibilities. Educate on the importance of reading a lease and understanding Kansas rental laws.

Money Management: Understand the importance of budgeting, banking and saving important records.

Home Maintenance and Safety: Learn safe, affordable cleaning methods; develop strategies for controlling clutter; and understand important factors of home safety.

Health & Wellness: Learn the importance of healthful living and essential grooming practices for optimal health and well-being.

Time Management/Family Communications: Assists those who are feeling overwhelmed, facing changes, or who lack management experience, to use time wisely. Improve everyday communication in families by emphasizing skill-building and mindful communication techniques for optimal family relationships.

Essential Food, Nutrition, and Physical Activity Skills: Develop skills related to food, nutrition, and physical activity with instruction and hands-on learning experiences related to food preparation, food safety, grocery budgeting and making healthful choices for nutrition and physical activity.

Healthy Relations: This one-hour healthy relationship workshop will be cover how to communicate effectively with your spouse, loved one or child. Skills on the Speaker-Listener technique will be practiced in the group as well as "red flags" to watch out for when entering into a new relationship.

Job- Ready Skills: Learn job-skill development through goal-setting exercises, job-skill assessments, resume writing and application protocols and develop tools for handling a variety of job situations.

For more information about the Catholic Charities Life Skills Series please call 620-272-0010.

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