Test Your Knowledge about Homelessness!

Homelessness is assumed to only be an urban problem because homeless people are more geographically concentrated and more visible in urban areas. However, many people experience homelessness in Kansas' small towns and rural areas. The situation has received little notice, as the media, researchers, and the public's attention has been focused on the more visible homeless in urban areas.

On July 11th, 2012, the Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition, Catholic Social Service in the Diocese of Dodge City, and the Salvation Army, co-sponsored the first Summit on Housing and the Prevention of Homelessness in southwest Kansas.

Peg McFadden, KSHC Board Chair at Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition, and Executive Director at Project HOPE, Inc., began her presentation at the Summit with a questionnaire to test participant knowledge about homelessness. Take a minute to fill out the short questionnaire below (scroll down to answer all ten questions) and then follow along as Peg reveals the answers.


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