Take the Food Stamp Challenge

An invitation from Fr. Larry Snyder, President/CEO of Catholic Charities USA

I am taking the challenge: to live for one week [Oct 30 to Nov5] on the average food stamp allotment: $31.50 per week. I invite you . . . to join me along with members of Fighting Poverty with Faith, an interfaith coalition of which Catholic Charities USA is a part, in solidarity with our hungry brothers and sisters.

In the past year, the number of our fellow citizens living in poverty rose in almost every U.S. state. SNAP, a program that reduces food insecurity by providing low-income Americans assistance in purchasing food, prevented an estimated 3.9 million people from joining the ranks of the impoverished. As Congress makes plans to reduce the deficit, we have a moral responsibility to not only call for the protection of SNAP, but to develop a more permanent and financially sustainable solution to lift people out of poverty. In working towards this end, we must remember that statistics represent children, parents, and families; they represent people who deserve our most earnest efforts to eliminate hunger in America.

We hope that in taking this challenge we will gain a better understanding of the program, raise awareness about its value, and most importantly, be renewed in our commitment to advocate, on behalf of the least among us, to transform the social safety net into a ladder.

We hope that you will pass this on to your networks, and we appreciate your support in joining us in this important effort.  Contact the Fighting Poverty with Faith coalition to register.

Fr. Larry Snyder

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