Catholic Charities Housing Program Sees Success

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The Catholic Charities Housing Assistance Program is funded by two grants that we receive from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): A Continuum of Care grant and an Emergency Solutions grant.

Continuum of Care

Most of the housing assistance that we provide comes from a Continuum of Care grant (COC). For admission into this program, an individual or family may be homeless, but the grant also allows us to assist those who are imminently at risk of homelessness and those who are fleeing or attempting to flee from domestic violence. 

Our primary goal when helping these individuals and families is rapid rehousing. The Rapid Rehousing model is based on evidence showing that individuals and families have better outcomes if they spend more time in permanent housing. Thus, we strive to minimize the time that these individuals or families spend being homeless and help them move quickly into permanent housing before any other services are offered.

This past year, Catholic Charities provided assistance for 30 households including 81 people (40 adults and 41 children) through our COC Rapid Rehousing Program. Eighteen households including 53 people (21 adults and 32 children) exited the program. Of those who exited the program, 91.1% exited to permanent housing and 34.78% increased their income.

Emergency Solutions

A smaller portion of the housing assistance we provide comes from an Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG). For those who qualify for this part of our housing program, we focus on rapid rehousing and homeless prevention. If an individual or family is homeless, we provide rapid rehousing assistance. For those who are at risk of becoming homeless, we provide housing relocation and stabilization services and short to mid-term rental assistance as necessary to prevent them from moving to an emergency shelter or a place not meant for human habitation.

This past year, Catholic Charities provided rapid rehousing assistance for five households in Finney County (seven adults and six children) and two households in Ford County (two adults and three children). Four of the households in Finney County exited the program with three of them exiting to permanent housing. Both households in Ford County exited the program to permanent housing. 

Homeless prevention services were provided for one household (two adults and one child) in Finney County and one household (one adult and two children) in Ford County. Both of these households have exited the program to permanent housing.

Finally, we followed up with the six households (seven adults and six children) who exited from the Emergency Solutions program in 2016. We are pleased to report that after six months, 100% of these households have maintained permanent housing. 


Since space and resources for the Catholic Charities Housing Program are limited, there is a waiting list. Nevertheless, Catholic Charities is committed to working with housing partners throughout southwest Kansas to provide the best options and resources for those in need. To learn more about the Catholic Charities Housing Assistance Program, to start the application process, or to inquire about housing assistance, please contact:

Marci Smith
Director of Family Services
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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