What is the Consulate of Mexico?

Recently, we've shared a few announcements about the Consulate of Mexico being available in a few of our local Southwest Kansas communities to meet with interested individuals and families. So what IS the Consulate of Mexico, and what do they do? Who should be interested in these announcements, and why? Jessica Soto-Botello, our Safe Release Support Program Specialist who works in our Garden City office had this to say: 

The Consulate of Mexico offers many services to their Mexican Citizens who are residing in the United States. One of the many Consulates of Mexico in the United States is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The Mexico Consulate's priority is to keep their citizens informed by collaborating with other agencies and providing educational activities. The Mexico Consulate provides consular protection and assistance with immigration, human rights, emergencies, educational opportunities, health guidance, criminal, administrative, work and family matters. Mexican citizens are also able to obtain and apply for their personal documentation and/or copies of legal documents they may need.  

Every year the Mexico Consulate provides a calendar with dates that their Mobile Consulate will be traveling to surrounding counties. At their Mobile Consulate, Mexican Citizens are able to schedule an appointment ahead of time to apply for their passport or consular card. The Mobile Consulate also offers other services such as a Know Your Rights workshop, financial advice, and health services. To our Southwest Kansas Community, the Mobile Consulate is a blessing. It saves our people from having to travel to Kansas City, Missouri. 

To know more about the Mexico Consulate in Kansas City, Missouri please visit their website at https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/kansascity/.

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