Thank You!

Thank You

We have received many generous donations over the past few months, and we'd like to recognize some of them here. It is generosity like this that makes it possible for us to fulfill our mission of making sure that everyone who walks through our door has an opportunity to experience hope and fulfillment.

First, our non-food pantry in Garden City received a donation from the Kansas State Council of Epsilon Sigma Alpha, and a sizeable donation of cleaning supplies from the Garden City High School Cross Country Club. Many thanks to these two groups for their generosity and hard work!

In November, the Daughters of Isabella followed up with gift cards for our Garden City Office to use where needed. One was used to purchase an extension cord for a gentleman. The rest will be used to purchase items as needed for our housing clients when they move into an apartment.

Club 1 Fitness in Great Bend conducted an ambitious non-food pantry drive for Catholic Charities throughout the month of November and delivered the fruits of their labor on Giving Tuesday. Our staff and volunteers enjoyed visiting with Club 1 Fitness staff members afterward.

Also in Great Bend, Catholic Charities received a generous gift of $300 from Farmers Bank in memory of Marvin Rajewski, Jerry Prosser, and Kenny King, as well as a gift from W.R. and Yvonne Robbins. The gift was part of the 21st Annual Holiday Charity Event that the bank hosts each year.

And who could miss the Golden Belt Community Foundation's push for Giving Tuesday this year?! Their goal was to secure 1000 donors on behalf of local charitable organizations in Barton, Rush, Pawnee, Stafford Counties. We are grateful to everyone who chose the Catholic Charities Endowment Fund for their Giving Tuesday donation last month! Additionally, Catholic Charities received a Non-Food Pantry grant from the Barton County Endowment Fund as a result of the money they received during last year's Giving Tuesday Event! Finally, Catholic Charities also received a grant from the Golden Belt Community Foundation that will be used for infant/toddler car seats.

Golden Belt Community Foundation Giving Tuesday Ford County EMS Donation

In Dodge City, the Ford County EMS and the Fire Department food drive was quite successful and resulted in a generous donation of diapers and other non-food pantry items for Catholic Charities. 

St Mary's 2nd Graders Donate Blessing Kits

Finally, St. Mary's School in Garden City has an Advent Service Project every year during the Holiday season. This year St. Mary's School chose Catholic Charities to donate Blessing Kits for the people we help. "I am full of joy to say that we have a great community," said Jessica Soto-Botello, Safe Release Support Program Specialist in our Garden City office. "It's so wonderful to see how St. Mary's School teams up with their students, parents, and staff to accomplish their Advent Service Project successfully. Every year, Mrs. Strasser contacts us at the beginning of the school year to go to her classroom and speak to her 2nd graders about our agency and about the donations we take. When we go, we do an activity with them by providing each group a hygiene item, piece of paper and colors/markers. They are asked to draw on one side how they would feel/look if they didn't have the hygiene item that was given to them. It's a blessing to see how working together and teaching our young ones at an early age fulfills many with smiles and happiness. "  

You didn’t have to do all that you did
But you did
You didn’t have to give up so much time
But you did
You didn’t have to put yourself out like you did
But you did
You did when we didn’t expect you to
You did what no one else could
Thank you
For doing what you did!
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