All Aboard for Your Adoption Journey!

All Aboard for Your Adoption, Sept 13, 2019

Couples who want to learn more about infant adoption are invited to attend an orientation called All Aboard for Your Adoption Journey on Friday, September 13th from 1 to 3 pm at the Newman University Western Kansas Center at 236 San Jose, Dodge City KS. 

All Aboard for Your Adoption Journey is the first part of three on-going workshops and it presents a road map for the adoption process, expenses, requirements and more. "Couples can enter our adoption program at any time throughout the year," said Lori Titsworth, Adoption Social Worker. "But this workshop is an excellent opportunity for couples who haven't decided, yet, and who just want a safe place to ask questions before they decide to start the process." There is no cost to attend and couples can work at their own pace throughout the process.

Catholic Charities has provided adoption services since 1965. As a licensed child-placing agency in the state of Kansas, Catholic Charities provides comprehensive preparation, placement and post-placement support for all members of the adoption triad---birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees.

Click here for more information, or contact Lori Titsworth here.


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