No Matter Who Is President, Our Work Continues

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By Debbie Snapp, Executive Director for Catholic Charities of Southwest Kansas

I see many of my friends struggling today; they have worried and prayed over this election for months and some have not gotten the result that they hoped for. As the Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Southwest Kansas, I have seen presidents come and go, each bringing different philosophies, values and political agendas. No matter who our president is, we continue our work. The different aspects of this work are both more challenging and more hopeful under presidents of both parties.  I remain committed to lead this agency for the care of those in need, giving hope to the hopeless and advancing the human potential for everyone.  We will do that with the social teaching of the Catholic Church foremost in our hearts. 

Life and Dignity

We value every person’s life, even when we don’t like them or agree with them.  Every person deserves to be treated in a respectful way.  We have a moral obligation to treat every person with dignity. 

Call to Family, Community and Participation

We have moral obligation to participate in the organization of society that benefits the common good.  That obligation does not end when we have cast our vote, or when the election is over.

Rights and Responsibilities

We remember that we are a part of a society and that we have certain rights. With the acceptance of those rights we have the responsibility to help assure those rights for everyone else.  That responsibility comes from being brothers and sisters, not from being fellow citizens or part of a political party. 

Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

We understand that when defending the rights of individuals, the poor and vulnerable claim special consideration.  We will respond to the call to provide justice with the reminder that the poor need to be protected and aided through the organization of our society. 

The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

We accept and promote an understanding that the economy must serve people. We hold that the most effective way to build a just economy is to have decent work at decent wages for everyone who is capable of working. 


We remember every day that we are a part of one human family despite our national, racial, ethnic, economic and ideological differences.  We will remain our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers in the pursuit of justice and peace. 

Care for God’s Creation

We understand that we share this earth with many people, and we share the responsibility for its care and protection. 

As Pope Francis expressed during his address at the World Meeting of Popular Movements in Bolivia:

Each of us, let repeat from the heart: no family without lodging, no rural worker without land, no laborer without rights, no people without sovereignty, no individual without dignity, no child without childhood, no young person without a future, no elderly person without a venerable old age. 

At Catholic Charities our vision is that every person experiences hope and fulfillment. We know that there is always hope, and we believe that there will be positive change. 

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