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Life Skills

Life skills are positive and adaptive behaviors that make it possible for us to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. Life skills enable us to secure our own well-being and become active and productive members of the community. Life skills are often taught by parents, either indirectly through example, or directly with the purpose of teaching a specific skill. Parenting itself can be considered a life-skill. 

Sometimes, when families and relationships break down due to parental lapses, divorce, substance abuse or other risky behavior, we miss the opportunity to learn important life-skills that will help us to succeed in life. For this reason, Catholic Charities offers several life-skills classes to fill in the gaps. Keep reading for a list of times for our next series of life-skills classes . . . 

Tenant Regulations

This class will inform participants about their responsibilities as a tenant, as well as the landlord's responsibilities. Participants will learn the importance of reading a lease and understanding Kansas rental laws.

January 9, 2018
6 pm - 7 pm
305 W. Mary
Garden City KS

Healthy Relationships

This one-hour healthy relationship workshop will cover how to communicate effectively with your spouse, loved one or child. Skills on the Speaker-Listener technique will be practiced in the group as well as "red flags" to watch out for when entering into a new relationship.

January 23, 2018
6 pm - 7 pm
305 W. Mary
Garden City KS

Health & Wellness / Time Management

Learn the importance of healthful living and essential grooming practices for optimal health and well-being. Will also assist those who are feeling overwhelmed, facing changes, or who lack management experience, to use time wisely. 

February 13, 2018
6 pm - 7 pm
305 W. Mary
Garden City KS

Home Maintenance and Safety

Learn safe, affordable cleaning methods, develop strategies for controlling clutter, and understand important factors of home safety.

February 27, 2018
6 pm - 7 pm
305 W. Mary
Garden City KS

Essential Food, Nutrition, and Physical Activity Skills

Develop skills related to food, nutrition, and physical activity with instruction and hands-on learning experiences related to food preparation, food safety, grocery budgeting and making healthful choices for nutrition and physical activity.

March 13, 2018
6 pm - 7 pm
305 W. Mary
Garden City KS

For more information about the Catholic Charities Life Skills Series please call 620-272-0010. 

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