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Catholic Charities USA Names Sister Donna Markham New President

Alexandria, Va. – The Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) Board of Trustees announced today that Sister Donna Markham OP, Ph.D., president of the Behavioral Health Institute for Mercy Health, has been selected as its new president. Sister Donna, the first female president to lead CCUSA in the organization’s 105-year history, has a doctorate in clinical psychology and a proven track record in organizational leadership. She succeeds Rev. Larry Snyder, who served as CCUSA’s president since 2005, and will officially be seated as CCUSA’s 10th president on June 1, 2015.



Catholic Social Service Kicks off Anniversary Year of Celebration

It was a most appropriate beginning. Bishop John B. Brungardt opened the year-long observance of the 50th Anniversary of Catholic Social Service on the feast of St. Nicholas with Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe fraught with symbolism. .


An Adoption Love Story

My husband Bill and I have been married for six years. Having children and raising a family had always been our expectation. By the time we were married, most of our siblings and friends already had children, so of course we were excited and ready to be parents ourselves. We soon learned, however, that having children of our own might not be so easy.



Adoption Search and Reunion: Reuniting Families

Recently, I had the opportunity to help Dora,* an adoptee, locate her birthmother, Nancy,* through Catholic Social Service Search and Reunion Program. Initially, the search was spurred on by the Dora’s health problems and her desire for more medical information. Dora related that she had inquired about searching several years prior but “chickened out.” However, the seriousness of the recent diagnosis made it imperative that she complete her search. .


Sacred Heart 6th Graders Organize Teen Mom Store

Many thankful kudos to the Sixth Graders from Sacred Heart Elementary School in Dodge City who came to work at Catholic Social Service for one of their Community Service Projects last month. They organized and stocked the Teen Mom Store, the Non-Food Pantry, and all of our Transitional Housing Supplies. The boys also did some heavy lifting and moved some of the boxes that were sitting around the office down to the basement, too. "They really worked hard," said Gina Pack, Administrative Assistant. "I was really surprised about how much they accomplished!



Teen Moms, Children and Mentors Create Valentine Crafts

Teen mothers are busy. In addition to raising their child, they must negotiate the responsibilities of doing their best in either school or a job, and often both. Not having enough hours in the day is probably an understatement, and the idea of taking time to connect with their children through activities like arts and crafts might seem near impossible. .


January is Poverty Awareness Month!

CCUSA, an umbrella organization which includes Catholic Social Service, has a long history of being actively engaged in the development and passage of major social service legislation, including the Social Security Act, the National Housing Act, and the federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program.



CSS: Providing Homes, Hope

A buzz sounded in the lobby of the century-old house that serves as the main offices for Catholic Social Service in Dodge City.

Inside, Maria Gutierrez pressed a button and a young, haggard looking man pulled open the large, wooden door.

“He was 19 or 20,” said Maria, a program assistant for CSS. Each day, Maria helps people and families who are homeless, or on the verge of homelessness, to find residence. But this was different. This man wasn’t looking for a home. .


Healthy Relationship Education Classes

Invest in your relationship with a free relationship education workshop for individuals or couples. Participants may receive up to $100 in Wal-Mart gift cards just for attending! Register now for March classes in St John and Garden City KS.

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Work for Success: Developing Dads . . . Building Relationships

Are you interested in finding a job and keeping it?

Are you interested in becoming a better father?

Are you interested in arrears forgiveness for your child support owed to the state of Kansas?.


Avoiding Toxic Relationships in Recovery

Navigating one's way through intimate relationships can be difficult regardless of one's circumstances. Marital and long-term intimate relationships must go through major reconstruction during recovery or face collapsing. The reconstruction often involves healing past wounds to the relationship, redefining role responsibilities, altering daily rituals of communication, and developing new patterns of sexual intimacy. It also involves shedding self-defeating patterns of speaking and acting toward one another that have often become deeply ingrained during the addiction years.



Prayer for Family and Friends of an Addict

Addiction affects the whole family. No family, however, is born with the knowledge of how to deal effectively with addiction, and it can stress a family to the breaking point. At times like this, there are things you can do: Run an intervention, get educated, don't enable, and pray for guidance and strength and let God's grace and love flow through..

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