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Allie's Story

I remember I was scheduled to have my first college freshman final that morning, but instead I took a different kind of test. My knees hit the floor, I became numb and tears rolled down my cheeks from mixed emotions. My parents were shocked when I was finally able to share my news. It took a while to adjust to how my life was going to change. I was going to HAVE A BABY. A BABY! How could I have a baby when I felt like I was just a child myself?! I lost my faith for a while I won't deny that. Depression set in, I stopped eating like I should and I cried myself to sleep night after night. Then one night as I lay in bed I began to pray. I hadn't prayed in months, but I slept more soundly that night.



@text4baby Keeps You and Your Baby Healthy!

Text4baby uses the power of cell phone technology to help new mothers and expectant women keep themselves and their babies healthy. Around 89 percent of young women carry their smart phones at all times, so Text4baby delivers the information moms and expecting women need most through free text messages and an app.



Five Keys to Getting the Nutrition You Need During Your Pregnancy

It is always important to eat the right foods. Your body needs certain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in order to function properly. When you're pregnant, however, it is doubly important. You're not only eating for yourself, but also for your baby. As your little one grows inside you, you'll need to increase your consumption of certain foods while staying away from others.


How do we know if we are ready to adopt?

Taking the first step on your adoption journey isn't easy! It's likely that you've already wrestled with untold struggles and emotions about starting your family. Once you start to consider infant adoption, how do you know if you and your spouse are ready? When should you make that first call? Here are some things to consider.



An Adoption Love Story

My husband Bill and I have been married for six years. Having children and raising a family had always been our expectation. By the time we were married, most of our siblings and friends already had children, so of course we were excited and ready to be parents ourselves. We soon learned, however, that having children of our own might not be so easy.



Adoption Search & Reunion: Reuniting Families

Recently, I had the opportunity to help Dora,* an adoptee, locate her birthmother, Nancy,* through Catholic Social Service Search and Reunion Program. Initially, the search was spurred on by the Dora’s health problems and her desire for more medical information. Dora related that she had inquired about searching several years prior but “chickened out.” However, the seriousness of the recent diagnosis made it imperative that she complete her search.


You Have a Picky Eater

If you have a picky eater, mealtime can make you feel like you want to pull your hair out. It is very frustrating for parents to watch their child only fiddle with their food at dinner or not even touch it, claiming they "don't like it." Then what happens? Thirty minutes later guess who is hungry? You guessed it. Your little picky eater. Try using these ten tips to encourage your child to eat.



The Teen Father Experience

Matt is a teen father. In this story, he talks about his transition into teen parenthood, and the advice he would give to young dad's now. As a teen father, your life may change, but you still have many opportunities, choices, and joyful moments ahead of you.



Teen Moms, Children and Mentors Create Valentine Crafts

Teen mothers are busy. In addition to raising their child, they must negotiate the responsibilities of doing their best in either school or a job, and often both. Not having enough hours in the day is probably an understatement, and the idea of taking time to connect with their children through activities like arts and crafts might seem near impossible.


Stretch Food Dollars with Prairie Land Food

It takes a little planning, but there are four things I really like about the Prairie Land Food Program: cheaper food (up to 50% off retail prices), community involvement, access throughout southwest Kansas, and the option to pay with several forms of payment, including SNAP (the food stamp Vision Card).



Free Child Care Assistance for Single Moms

The federal government offers child care grants for single mothers to help them compensate for the babysitting costs and offer their children a safe ambiance to spend the day where they are nurtured well, trained and cared for. Apply today for the child care grants and give your child the best daycare.



CSS: Providing Homes, Hope

A buzz sounded in the lobby of the century-old house that serves as the main offices for Catholic Social Service in Dodge City.

Inside, Maria Gutierrez pressed a button and a young, haggard looking man pulled open the large, wooden door.

“He was 19 or 20,” said Maria, a program assistant for CSS. Each day, Maria helps people and families who are homeless, or on the verge of homelessness, to find residence. But this was different. This man wasn’t looking for a home. .


Simple Technique for Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are a normal part of life. We interact with so many different people in so many different situations that we're bound to run into difficulties. While there are many other factors to establish an environment for effective negotiation, these four steps provide a solid foundation for good negotiation and conflict resolution.



Healthy Relationship Education Classes

Invest in your relationship with a free relationship education workshop for individuals or couples. Participants may receive up to $100 in Wal-Mart gift cards just for attending! Register now for March classes in St John and Garden City KS.



Work for Success: Developing Dads . . . Building Relationships

Are you interested in finding a job and keeping it?

Are you interested in becoming a better father?

Are you interested in arrears forgiveness for your child support owed to the state of Kansas?


What is Addiction

Addiction is a legitimate brain disease that causes compulsive, destructive behavior towards drugs, alcohol, sex, food, gambling or some other substance.



Avoiding Toxic Relationships in Recovery

Navigating one's way through intimate relationships can be difficult regardless of one's circumstances. Marital and long-term intimate relationships must go through major reconstruction during recovery or face collapsing. The reconstruction often involves healing past wounds to the relationship, redefining role responsibilities, altering daily rituals of communication, and developing new patterns of sexual intimacy. It also involves shedding self-defeating patterns of speaking and acting toward one another that have often become deeply ingrained during the addiction years.



Prayer for Family and Friends of an Addict

Addiction affects the whole family. No family, however, is born with the knowledge of how to deal effectively with addiction, and it can stress a family to the breaking point. At times like this, there are things you can do: Run an intervention, get educated, don't enable, and pray for guidance and strength and let God's grace and love flow through..

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